In it to win it...

I was high on daydreams. Thinking about our quality of life without the existence of bills, IF we won the lottery...


I’ll buy a scratch off every now and then, but the last time I played the lottery was summer of 2010. We are so inexperienced with what to do.

All three us went out yesterday to play. I had to look up on my phone whether we were playing for Mega Millions or the PowerBall.

We had to ask where the card thingies were and then I had to read the instruction pamphlet. :-B

Each of us picked the six numbers and we did two quick picks. Fifteen dollars spent. But then this morning Papa Bear revealed another losing receipt where he had spent ten more dollars. [-)

When I looked at our $15 ticket at four o’clock this morning [-O<using the light of the winning numbers from my cellphone, I turned the big light on when I saw the first two numbers.$-) Baby bear had chosen 5 and 16, but that was all we had. :(

In the hours between playing the lottery and going to bed, this is what I spent my winnings on….

#1 Paying off my student loans <:-P

#2 Getting another iPad 8-|

#3 Paying off mom and dad’s stuff so they could stop working O:)

#4 Buying my newly single friends their homes and paying off their bills O:)

#5 Building a house with a pool and an exercise room ;))

I thought about whether or not I would still blog and read blogs. I decided yes. :^o

Ok, perhaps.

I wondered if people would still buy The Christopher Chronicles if they knew I was rich. But then I thought, I’d be famous and on the talk show circuit. Publishers would be laying down the red carpet to get me to sign on with them and Barnes & Noble would put my books out front. :-@:D

Here’s the thing… In the light of the day with the money in the bank, I would have thought of more people, more causes and some tangible stuff. The above were my daydreams keepin’ it real.

Did you play? How did you spend some of the money before you knew the results?

Sporadically Yours