Murphy's Law of Me Time...

Murphy’s Law says "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".

Like the time Papa Bear had a photo shoot out of town. I am preparing a quiet lunch for myself and get a call from the school that Baby Bear forgot his lunchbox. ~sigh


Or like the time, Papa Bear said he had some errands to run and by the time he left it was time for Baby Bear to come home. In the photo above I had 9 minutes to myself between the time Papa Bear left and Baby Bear arrived.

Since Christopher was an infant, he managed to stay awake for most of the time that he and I were alone. As an infant his daddy would come home from work when I was finally having a chance to sit down. It might appear that I was chillin’, when in fact baby bear had fallen asleep five minutes ago.

A few times I had doctors appointments and I didn’t want to take Christopher with me. My husband arrived to take my place when he had just fallen asleep. I would return home from being gone TWO hours and he was still asleep. For me he took naps in 15-minute increments.

As soon as my husband backed out of the driveway to return to work, I would hear Christopher peep. Almost eight years later, nothing has changed. If I’m up early enjoying quiet time, here one of them comes.

This morning Christopher and his daddy slept until 9:50. I had made my bright-eyed bushy tailed escape at 8:45.

Last weekend when we went to visit friends, the wives got in our girl time to talk about relationships.

The question for me was how have things been since Papa Bear retired from active duty? I admit it hasn’t been my favorite of relationship times. It’s a big adjustment. We’ve never spent so much time together. Learning how to share the space has been a challenge of my patience.

My friends ask if we have date nights. I explain that spending time together isn’t the problem. Having “me time” is.  The two bears seem to have an agreement - never leave mom alone. I can have her when you’re not here and you can have her when I’m not here.

Yesterday Papa Bear and I had a “date day” and Baby Bear and I had a movie night. Between the two of them, I literally watched television all day and did nothing else. They want me to be still and watch television with them. They don’t want me to multi-task and I have a problem with being still in that regard.

What I wanted to do was exercise and sweat my hair out. Then shampoo it and sit under the dryer with my laptop and do my social media book promoting. I wanted to listen to music and clean the fish tank because I want the fish tank to be clean before we put up Christmas decorations even though one has nothing to do with the other.

I am sitting under the dryer now. I have some Saturday cleaning to do. I have some errands to run. I’ll have to cook dinner this evening (order pizza). I still need to clean the fish tank and pull out Christmas decorations and decorate.

Now all I want is a repeat of yesterday.

And Here’s the thing…. They’re both gone! Yes! They left me.

An addendum to their agreement must be, leave mom alone when she doesn’t have time to have fun.