On a cheerful note. Today is my birthday! Wooohoooo.

But I have a story to tell with a different tone...

I had known for three months that my Florida license was expiring and I was going to have to take a TEST @-) to switch it over North Carolina. My husband insisted I should be able to keep my Florida license even though I had explained why I could not. :-@
It wasn’t until I came home with the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook that he decided to make a phone call to the Florida DMV. I said to myself, whatever that person is saying to him is just some bull to get him off the phone.:-@ When he got off the phone he said someone was going to be mailing me a form that I needed to complete and then I could keep the Florida license that was now 12 years old. Oh really? /:)
I didn’t expect that any such paperwork would arrive; yet I did not study for the test during this time. I was baking cookies and other stuff. Lo and behold, a week before my license was to expire (TODAY), the paperwork arrived! :-O I completed it just for good measure and HIGHLIGHTED the part where his COMMANDING OFFICER should sign.
I knew that he had no one that could/would sign this paperwork because HELLO, he is RETIRED. But I handed him the paperwork and he growls, “I told that lady I was retired.” I mumble under my breath “and that’s why I have to get a North Carolina license.” :-w
He takes two more days to call the FL DMV back, during which time I still did not study.[-X When he decides to call back, I am in the process of trying to write a blog post and he’s standing in my space yelling “DRIVERlicense” to the automated thing that must have wanted him to say "Driver’s License." 8-|
I excuse myself to go run an errand. I need to compose my I told you so face /:)and mask the aggravationX( that I will only have a few days to study for my test.#-o
I get back from my errand and he says with all retired Marine importance >:/ and as if I didn’t EVER know, “You’re gonna have to get your North Carolina drivers license.”
I said, “Okay”, my eyes shot unintentional “I told you so darts” and then we were both grumpy.:-<

Did I pass the test?

To be continued….