Too cute to fail...

PART II Continued from - I HATE TESTS!

I had been studying for my North Carolina driver’s license test off and on for two days. Flatlanders Jenn & Casey have only been here for a few months and have already converted everything to North Carolina. We've been here for 8 years. But we never thought we were staying. Apparently it is a North Carolina thing to treat new residents like first time drivers.

So I sent Jenn a text asking if she had any advice. She told me to study the signs and told me to skip questions that I didn’t know. Once I got so many correct I would be done and might not have to answer the ones I skipped.

I wanted to take my test when my husband didn’t know I was going to take it. If he knew I was going then that would have made me nervous. :-SS So when he said he was going “on base” which translated means he’s going bowling, I seized the opportunity to get cute.

I feel smarter and more confident when I am dressed up tall. I wanted to wear jeans, a sweater and some high-heeled boots but it was approaching 73 degrees. So I decided on some black pants, black patent leather heels and a black and white (near sleeveless) blouse. My hair was PERFECT. I was too cute to fail.

So I get to the DMV and there are a million people in there.:-O I get up to the head of the line and I have everything with me but proof of insurance. :(( I say it’s in my car and I’ll be right back. It’s not in my car. [-) That one expired on November 27th. :-< I mumble, "stupid going green" - no real paperwork with the policies! I probably got an e-mail with the new policy and it probably went to spam. Now my cute was wearing off. X(
I got back to the DMV and now there were two million people in there. :-OSo I had a little while longer to study. I sat there and worried about my vision, which was teasing me that I was getting older. Should I say I wear glasses or not? :-BWhat if I don’t pass the vision exam and I have to say, “Let me try with my glasses.” And then they say, “No you lied, [-) you're suspended.” Then I went back to studying trying to not go into nervous panic zone. :-SS

My number B – 2,000,001 is finally called and I’m up.  I pass the vision thingy without glasses, and got all the signs correct except for one. I sound like Christopher when I say, “I forgot.” Nice DMV guy gave me a hint and I got it.

When I take my computer test, I have to skip the first question. I hadn't read the alcohol related section of the handbook because I don’t drink and drive. Now I didn’t know the answer to points or suspension in regards to drinking and driving. SKIP. Then I was nervous as HECK @-)– sure my cute was now gone since I was biting my lipstick off.:-S
When it was time to take my picture I CHEESED :Dand I didn’t care that my face was shiny or that my hair was wilted.
Here's the thing that blew my mind. "Mrs. Johnson, your license is good for 8 years. You won't need to renew it until 2020." :-j"Oh that's great, no problem", I thought. Then I realized in 2020 I’ll be turning 50!!! :-O

The best thing about this birthday story is that I have 8 more years to be the one to decide whether or not I need to wear my glasses when driving. So take that NC, I am the boss of this license.