Can you hear me now?

This is a test post from my iPhone. For so many reasons I thought I was going to take a leave of absence from my blog until the first of the year. But I need to write here like I need to breathe.

It’s not the same to write in a paper journal. Not for me. My words flow better typed.

We are traveling to the in-laws for the holidays and they do not have the internet. Before smartphones and cellphones this drove me batty. I would keep in touch with my mom via a corded no privacy landline using a calling card.

I may not blog at all while we are gone, but if this works at least I know I have the option to. Knowing I CAN, perhaps I’ll breathe easier. It’ll be cool to blog at least once from the car on our 18 hour journey. I really hope I just read a book in my boredom quiet time.

Well that’s enough rambling. Here’s the thing… I didn’t thumb all this out on my iPhone. I am using an external bluetooth keyboard. I did get some reading glasses too, so I can see. WOW! And I guess that’s what I’ll take a photo of for this post.