No Postage Necessary if Mailed in the United States

I WISH there was such a thing as No internet necessary if e-mailed in the United States. Wouldn't that be cool? Really I was just racking my brain for a title for this post. I looked to my right and saw that on a piece of business reply mail. So there you have it. 

This is another test post (that didn't work out - lost in cyberspace). This time from my laptop.  I should be able to send an e-mail when I have wifi access and post to my blog with a picture attached. NOT. Bridget asked was it by choice that my in-laws didn't have the internet. The answer is YEP. They are 'old skool". My FIL eats, watches television, goes to church, goes fishing and hunts. My MIL talks on the phone, irons, cooks, goes to church and shops. I might add that they go to a lot of wakes and funerals like its a thing. 

So anyway in this test post (that's a regular post now), I wanted to share what I made for teachers gifts. I still have some candy and cookies to make this week but I wanted to cut myself some slack because I am cookied out - secondly raisins and pecans are expensive, third one of Christopher's teachers is allergic to nuts.

The list of cookie/candy baking has been significantly reduced and at the moment I am not sure holiday cards are going out. We have been mailing out close to seventy something holiday cards. The list had grown close to 100 as we moved away from places we had been stationed, but I dropped names as we lost touch with people. The holiday card had always been a photo of us since we got married. Only a handful of the people on the list do not have the internet so I can probably expect a phone call to which I'll reply, "I'll send you some pictures next week." 


Back to the teacher gifts, its a hand scrub - best Pinterest find ever! I found some little jars and used some treat bags I had leftover from last year to put them in. Two of Christopher's teachers and his bus driver will get this. You can find the exact recipe here, but all it contains is Dawn liquid soap and sugar. You'll find some interesting tips in the comments section as well as some comments where you'll want to say, "It's just hand scrub people." 

Here's the thing... Perhaps my test post from e-mail to blog was too long and that's why it didn't arrive here. Now my title is REALLY irrelevant. So back to iPhone blogging it is! No wifi necessary when blogging with a data plan!

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