It's not over until North Carolina says so...


Since I am the wife of a newly retired Marine, I thought the days of having to know his SSN,  have him present or needing a power of attorney to take care of business were over. NOT SO.

I received my North Carolina drivers license in the mail today. The last thing I needed to do to make this whole North Carolina thing official was to get NC tags on my car. 

I get down there and they have a sign that they will only take cash or check - WHO DOES THAT? I have neither, but I decide to wait my turn to make sure I have everything else I need in addition to knowing how much its going to cost. 

When my number is called, I am informed that I can get an estimate but I will have to come back with my husband or a power of attorney. Really? What does he have that I don’t have? So he needs to come with his driver’s license and military id. Okay fine.

I’m still not understanding why he has to come with me. I tell the license plate lady that he still has a Florida license because it doesn’t expire for another year. She says that is fine as long as he has his military id... since he’s active duty he can keep the Florida license and tags. I tell her he’s NOT active duty. He retired in April. 

What I’m about to say may strike your funny bone if you read my driver’s license story. 

She takes the paperwork back from me and says, “Oh that changes everything. He’s going to have to get his North Carolina drivers license.” I repeat that back adding, “Even though this is my car?” I still don’t quite understand that. But I promise you, they haven’t heard the last of this - from him.

I get in the car to call him but decide I’ll wait to do this in person. Additionally, I'll need to compose my giggles for whatever expression he’s going to have. =))

Here’s the thing though.... aside from all this getting even - why does this stuff have to be so difficult?