Armed for a coffee situation...


Meet “Clickety-Clack”, my ride or die road dog. She is a Percolady and we go way back - before Mr. Coffee and Tassy. Clickety-Clack is my travel companion; if there’s a coffee situation - we are prepared. 

For many years on our travels to Louisiana, I was off of caffeine and could drink coffee or tea at my leisure. Then I fell off the no caffeine wagon and believe me when I say a looming headache, a hot water kettle, and Folgers is a coffee situation. I don’t care how cute the Christmas commercials are. If you are a real coffee drinker, you know Folgers ain’t the one. I might be a bit of a coffee snob but I like my cream with coffee, not granules. Ok ~nuff said.

So when we went to Virginia a few weeks ago, I was armed with my Percolady. A prior visit with the same group of friends, there was a coffee situation and a cream situation. I didn’t know how to use their coffee pot and I can’t use milk for creamer. 

When we arrived for Thanksgiving this year I announced, “I brought COFFEE!” The hostess announced that she still had the powdered creamer I bought two years ago. I say okay but I won’t use it. I’ve lived South of the Virginia border for too long to trust anything powdered that is over six months old. I don’t care what the shelf life is supposed to be. Been there experienced that. 

Clickety-Clack was a big hit from day one. The second day, the other two husbands were up when I came down and said, “We were waiting for you to come down to make some coffee.” On day three, one of them sent a text to my husband, “Man tell your wife to come down and make the coffee.” By the time I got downstairs, one of the husbands was on YouTube trying to figure out what to do. He almost had it. 

When in Louisiana, much like Virginia, my MIL is up waiting for me to make some coffee. Whenever company comes over, “Would you like some coffee? My daughter-in-law makes some good coffee.” 

Here’s the thing about the coffee. I think Clickety-Clack is better than any of those fancy coffee makers. I’m not an everyday Latte/Cappuccino drinker. If you are an everyday regular coffee drinker, Clickety-Clack combined with Gevalia’s Espresso Roast tastes better than the coffee of the day where I use to get mine from. The Percolator is made by Faberware. You can still find it in places like Sears, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon. I have the smaller one because without company, I only make one cup of coffee at a time. If you like cinnamon, break a cinnamon stick in half and add it to your grounds. You can use the cinnamon stick several times until the flavor disappears. 

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