It's a Wonderful Sleep...

The first time I sat/slept here was in 2008. I was working on a Bachelors degree and baby bear had just turned four. He lost his first tooth here. I had taken him to the dentist the day before we traveled because I was worried that he was having some kind of deficiency. No worries the dentist assured. He was just a big kid, with an advanced mouth.

Residence Inn in Montgomery Alabama is our halfway point to Louisiana. When we stayed here in 2008 I was taking an online class and still had an assignment to finish. Papa Bear upgraded us to a suite so that I could have a quiet space to finish it.

We stayed here again in 2010 in a King room, baby bear slept on the pull out sofa. I didn’t sleep at all between the snores of the two bears. This year when I booked the reservation, I said, “For eighteen dollars more we can upgrade to the suite.” Papa Bear said that we didn’t need “all that.”

Short story short - because I am thumbing this out on my iPhone now, when we got to the hotel I guess he was feeling generous. He got in the truck with a swallowed canary look. When we pulled around to our room, he opened the door and let Christopher walk in first. Christopher said, "Wow this is the best vacation room I've ever had."

Fast forward to our first night at MILs. Now you can take my title with a grain of sarcasm. My husband and I have to share a full sized bed that was fine 40 pounds ago 30 for me, 10 for him (gained in the last 8 months since retirement). The bed is stamped with a seal that says, "If you go to bed mad, it won't last long." Because we will roll into each other by mattress default - and stay that way.

Too early on Sunday morning, I will hear the tea kettle whistle, and the phone ringing announcing "Call from...". No doubt the phone conversation will touch on so and so's obituary. There will be gospel music playing in the kitchen and preaching on the television. Bacon will be frying, dinner will be cooking, I'll so no thank you to all offerings to eat before my stomach is ready. The clock in the kitchen will do something every 15 minutes to "Oh Susanna", the next hour will have "Zippety-Do-Dah", I'll be on sensory overload and take a nap by 10:15.

Here's the thing... I had Gumbo for breakfast for lunch after my Calgon nap.

Merry Christmas!!