A sprawl down memory lane...

sprawl - to be stretched or spread out in an unnatural or ungraceful manner...


So let me get on with my post because my wrist is starting to hurt.

My husband bought me these skates in 1999. We had been stationed in Japan, but were home for a visit. On one of our many shopping sprees we bought matching skates to take back with us. I put blue laces in mine to make them different.

Skating is one of the many hobbies we created for ourselves as a couple. I've since learned my lesson and did not allow him to buy me any golf clubs, guns or fancy Lance Armstrong type bikes. 

He tells people we have our own roller skates and they immediately think I can skate. 

I got my first pair of skates in elementary school. They were street skates, perfect for skating around on the sidewalks of our apartment complex. Tootie from Facts of Life had made skates fashionable and I used mine until I lost circulation in my toes. 

I got another pair in middle school. Unfortunately I had snooped in the attic and spoiled that Christmas surprise.

By high school it was cool to go to the skating rink but not to skate. It was a crowded hang out and the center between the cones was a dance floor. Only the really fancy spin around, skate backwards people skated - that was cool.

Not from lack of practice though, I just never had the coordination to skate well. It was challenging enough to sing on the choir and rock and clap at the same time. For me, roller skating and rhythm didn't go together either.

Today we went skating and it was our third time since Thanksgiving. I must say practice makes better. Thanksgiving Day, it seemed like only one of my legs was doing the work and the other was just along for the roll. The next time, I did better, as we practically had the rink to ourselves which helped to boost my confidence. 

Today I started off like an old lady who still has her driver's license, drives under the speed limit, and shouldn't be out during rush hour. Fortunately for me, it was another time we pretty much had the rink to ourselves. There was never more than ten people skating at a time. 

Close to closing time (4pm), I had started skating faster, and working up a sweat. My husband said if I crossed one leg over the other when I went around the curves, it would be easier and my turns wouldn't be so wide. So I was practicing that and getting pretty good with my rhythm feeling like I was doing something when they played Teach Me How to Dougie.

Then I tried to act like a pro. Gangnan Style came on. I mimicked a move and motioned to Christopher who was taking his skates off to, "Look at me!"

Fortunately they all had their backs turned when I criss-crossed my feet around a curve ONE more time and Holy Splat Sprawl Batman! 

Woooo. I got up slo-ickly and really wanted to skate in the opposite direction to the carpet because it was shorter.

Here's the thing... "I'm okay!"