Soy Grande!

I hope my rusty Spanish title says, “I’m great” and didn’t sound like a drink from Starbucks – you know because I do mine with soy – otherwise I am not so great. ~nuff said.

I wasn’t going to do a list but Kathy sorta challenged me.

The challenge and boy is it challenging to toot your horn and list:


10 reasons why I am great

#1 I had a 10-pound baby, with no epidural and said, “That wasn’t so bad”.

#2 I might be a little reserved when we first meet, but ultimately I am the same person with everyone.  I might sit up straighter for Maya Angelou or stand taller for the President, but you’re still going to get me – no puttin’ on version of me.

#3 I make the best Oatmeal Raisin cookies but sometimes I wish that was a little known fact.

#4 Ditto with hair. I went to Cosmetology school. I was great at doing hair, but I only like doing my own. I’ll make you cookies but I don’t want to do your hair.

#5 I am kind to the waiter even if the service is bad. I just won’t leave a tip.

#6 Ditto about customer service – I’ll write a letter – whether you were naughty or nice.

#7 I am an author. I self published The Christopher Chronicles. I thought I could do it and I did. I didn’t wait for a traditional publisher to tell me I was great. Take a look inside the book on Amazon.

#8 Emphasizing the point, I HAD A 10-POUND BABY WITH NO EPIDURAL. When I had to sit on one butt cheek for a couple weeks and hope to never sneeze again, it really wasn’t that great.

#9 I asked Christopher what makes me great. He said, “When you let me have ‘lectronics on a weekday.

Here’s the thing… #10 I have really great parents and that about covers it.