I'm going on a trip to Piscataway...


I thought I already wrote my closing post for the year. We are headed home now and I needed a hit (to write a blog post). We've been traveling back home today and we are at our halfway point again. Same deal - a mini apartment. I didn't notice last time but it also has a fireplace. Cool huh?

This is a self-portrait of me and Christopher while Papa Bear checked in. Don't we look happy? This was a surprise stop. I said I had to use the bathroom, we pulled off on an exit that just happened to be the exit of OUR hotel.

Papa Bear was trying to push it all the way to Atlanta (2.5 more hours give or take the time change - I don't know, I'm confused) and spend the night there, but no one was in the mood for that. Christopher had BEEN bored. I guess that can happen with endless hours on my iPad. I wouldn't know.

So we played this game. I don't know if I made it up or not. I was scouring the internet for something we could play besides I Spy - which I hate. There is nothing to spy on any of the routes we travel. I also know if Christopher says, "Something red" and I guess the truck the we are riding behind, he says, "Nope" and makes the something red something else so that I never get it right. 

I think what I found the made up game to be called is The Alphabet Game Travel Game? You start with a letter, name a place beginning with that letter and then say, "I going on a trip to ______, and I am taking a ______ (beginning with the same letter). The next person has to repeat what you said and add another item beginning with the same letter. Christopher wanted to start.

So he starts off, "I am going on a trip to Louisiana (yeah we just left there) and I am taking a lizard." I respond, "I am going on a trip to Louisiana and I am taking a lizard and a Lima Bean." He says, "I am going on a trip to Louisiana, um oh yeah, I am taking a lizard, and a Lima Bean, and a Lion." You see where I am going right? Whomever, can't repeat back what the last person said loses. It's a memory game. 

We made it pretty far with lollipop, leopard, loser, load, leprechaun, log and Lincoln. Christopher lost.

So it was my turn and I was really excited. I started with, "I am going on a trip to Piscataway and I am taking a peanut." The way Christopher pronounced Piscataway, it didn't, wouldn't, couldn't, start with a P. I giggled, he didn't think it was funny. He picked popcorn and I got more excited, thinking we could have a theme and it wouldn't be so hard to remember this time. So I say, "I am going on a trip to Piscataway, I am taking a peanut, some popcorn and a Pepsi." He stumbled over Piscataway again and said, "Mom this is boring, I don't want to play anymore." 


Well if you must know, I was going to say pretzel next. So much for that.

On another note, I think I've blogged more through my trip that I thought I would have, perhaps more than I do from home. Glad I got one more in "from the road". Christopher is in his room - on the the iPad, Papa Bear is in our room watching football, and I am here. It feels wonderful to spread out. Shout out to Residence Inn Marriott, Montgomery Alabama.

Here's the thing... I think I should not help to drive more often, the benefits are awesome!

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