The curse of cookie dough!

Aha! Gotcha. Did you come here by way of that title? Because you know you eat more cookie dough than cookies? Yeah me too. But that's not what this post is about.

Copyright protected image - Illustrator Najah Clemmons

Copyright protected image - Illustrator Najah Clemmons

I know sometimes posts in social media can be a needle in a haystack, and just in case you aren't connected with me on Facebook, Twitter or Google (upper righthand corner or footer) - here's the thing.... As of this moment 12:14 PM EST 12/5/2012, THIRTY-ONE books have been donated to send in cookie boxes overseas to deployed military.

On Friday, I will be dropping off ten dozen homemade cookies to my church, where they will pack up over 150 boxes to send overseas. Thirty-one or more of those boxes will have a copy of The Christopher Chronicles. 

The book is signed by me, stamped with Christopher's 5-year-old signature, and on the inside cover Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays from YOU.


I am selling the donated books for just $8. This is $2.99 off of the list price. If you donate TWO books, you will receive a FREE e-book (Kindle only) of The Christopher Chronicles. The Kindle version of The Christopher Chronicles is not for sale.

If you order two books to be shipped to you, these books will be autographed, gift-wrapped and I will donate another book to the box packing on your behalf.

If you wish to participate, visit The Christopher Chronicles page and look for the Donate or Add to Cart buttons below the countdown clock.

These postcards go inside of the donated books...


Here's the thing... As soon as the dust settles on all this cookie baking, I am going to share the recipe to my cookies. You'll be surprised by where I got the recipe and how I tweak it. Subscribe to my posts via e-mail (righthand sidebar) if you don't want to miss that one - 'cause you know social media posts are a needle in a haystack. 

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