Yes I would change a thing...


This weeks theme for Group Blogging Experience (GBE2) is "Do Over".

I wanted to participate because I said this was an easy one. There is so much I wish I could do over. However, as I reflected on what I might change in the past, I realized I would not be who I am in the present. Well I might be, but I wouldn’t be this version of myself.

However, there are two do-overs from the past I would have changed if I had a look into the future:

Do over #1: I would have kept my first car. I don’t remember what year it was, but I bought my first car when I was around 20. I really wanted something sporty, but a little red Nissan Sentra is what I could afford. My dad went with me and co-signed.

Anytime I did any shopping thereafter, he would ask me if I had enough money for my car insurance and car payment. I would frown and say, “Yes daddy” while wishing I had not needed him with me when I got my car. Maybe I would have what I wanted and he wouldn’t bother me about whether I had enough money to pay my bills.   

Wishful, unrealistic, ungrateful, independent thinking.

So the independent thinker waited until her dad was out of town and drove her Nissan  Sentra to the Mitsubishi car lot and got suckered into an Eclipse. Oh it was kickmyselflater deal. They worked out my payment to where I wasn’t paying much more a month. At least I was adamant about what I could pay. However, I didn’t know what I was doing.

I knew the salesman was cute. I was cheesin' and saying okay to everything. I don’t know how much they gave me for the Sentra, and what’s worse I got a lease. What’s worse than that, I didn’t even want this color. 


What’s worse than that? In less than two years after having the car, I met my husband, got married and moved to Japan.  My leased car couldn’t go out of state much less out of the country.  We ended up selling it back to Mitsubishi for $2000 something and we had to get a loan to do it. Can you say "money down the drain"?  In the words of Forrest Gump’s mama, “Stupid is as stupid does”. Another line for a different movie, “You must be stupid stupid stupid.” Yes I am pretty hard on myself about that one. At least I’m the only one beating myself up about it. HUSH DADDY


Do over #2: I would have taken my son to the doctor when his whole scalp seemed to be peeling.

It led to most of his pretty hair falling out and I felt terrible about it. You could practically blow it like those dandelion weed things that grow in the grass. Each time I’d pick him up out of his crib, I would notice more fuzz left behind until there really wasn’t anything left on the sides or back. I covered it with a hat as often as I could; which he wouldn't keep on. We waited the traditional one year for the first haircut and I couldn’t wait.

 I think he was pretty excited about it too!


Here’s the thing… getting a do over on these wouldn’t have changed who I am today and I wouldn't have had this story to tell. But yes I'll take at least one "do over" - the stupid one.

Christopher's pictures are funny now. Too bad Mohawks weren’t in style then.