7 Random Christopherisms - Age 7

Christopher was reading his Valentines Sweethearts candy and asked me, "What does LOL spell?" I said, "It's LOL which means laugh out loud." He said, "But was does it spell?"

"You're the prettiest mom I've ever had". I said, "Thanks sweetie." He says, "Except you don't have the hair I like." I said, "Humph." Then he said, "I just wish you had it like when I was a baby." I said, "Ok that's enough."

“How come some old people have to walk around with a candy cane?”

Christopher saw the photo of me and my dad walking down the aisle. "Wait! Why were you trying to marry granddaddy?"

"The coach had one disappointment with me. He thought I was looking at the cheerleaders but I just had one eye on them."

I was reading "Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States..." Christopher said, "Forty-fourth?! What happened to the others, did they quit?"

My thing to say to Christopher before he goes to bed is, "I love you to pieces" and he says it back. One night he said, "I love you to breakable pieces. That means l love you on full throttle." 


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