SOC Sunday: Piano lectures...


I was reading someone’s post about how they wished they had played the piano more. I wish I had learned to play – period. When I was in the first grade, age five, my grandmother scheduled piano lessons for me. My piano teacher was mean – from what I can remember.  Often my tears were so welled up in my eyes that I could not see. As she scolded me for crying, a drop would meet the piano keys. I’ve never been able to stop crying because someone said to. That always made it worse.

I hated piano lessons. I believe it was because my teacher didn’t have any patience with me. I might be forcing a fake memory if I say she smacked my hands with a ruler. Maybe I saw that on television. Perhaps I wasn’t a natural born talent and she didn’t have time for it. Maybe I wouldn’t be good at piano anyway. I know it takes a bit of coordination that I don’t have. When I sang on the choir I couldn’t rock and clap at the same time.

My piano teacher loved my grandmother, and she loved me too.  I didn’t get it. Guess when I saw the nice side of my piano teacher? When she asked my grandmother if I could be a flower girl in her wedding. I really didn’t get that. Don’t you know any other little girls? I was like – no way. I thought all of this to myself, you don’t sass your grandmother. Short story - I was in the wedding and I was smiling in the pictures but I participated grudgingly. Piano lessons had ended by the big wedding day. I was glad to get rid of her.

Here’s the thing… I did get something out of it. Thirty-six years later, I still know how to play three blind mice and Mary had a little lamb.


 I think its amazing how forgotten memories can come flooding back.

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