No. Really. I do. I don't...

Today’s Horoscope: Your communication skills are exceptional today. It’s time to have that tough talk. Really?


So here goes: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” That’s it. I got nuthin. Did you know that sentence uses every letter on the keyboard? And I cheated. I copied and pasted it.

No really, there is something. It’s really tough talk. Looks down at feet and shuffles. And you really might not like me for it.

 I don’t do awards.

So there. I said it out loud. I was inspired by bridgetstraub's "Pet Peeves" and then my horoscope gave me the extra nudge.

I started to say, “I don’t really do blog awards”, but then that would sound like I really didn’t mean it.

I had two or three more awards to accept. Thank you to all of you who know you are. You are probably on my blog directory which means I really like you back.

I started to pull my prepared speech out of my sock drawer but I couldn’t find it. Plus it's getting old. But here’s another copy and paste. Last time.

Feel free to pin it and use it. Which brings me to another point.

I really don’t do Pinterest either.

 But Pinterest and I had an aha moment. So I’m there.


Here’s the thing…I really like it.

“Take comfort…You don’t have to like it, just learn to make it work for you.” ~Antoinette Dickson

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