Wordy Wednesday...Show and Tell...

I'm a little obsessed with wanting to have all the little squares filled but I have to take my time and do it right my way. Here she is so far...

  1. My Url http://pinterest.com/kenyagjohnson/

  2. Badges to Monday thru Friday linkups, including my Monday Marketing

  3. Pins linked to my "humorous" blogs. I didn't say it, somebody else did. Blame them if you don't think so. 

  4. Pins linked to my "inspirational" blogs. " "

  5. Promoting "The Christopher Chronicles". Video included. Did you know you could pin videos?

  6. This one is quotes that I revamped so it would be a pretty "new pin".

  7. These are my original quotes - signed and everything.

  8. Pins and repins collected so.

How-my doin' so far?

Here's the thing...I'll never talk about pinners again. I never talked about pinners. I just wondered what the big deal wasI get it now.