Red Wine and M&M's...


Don’t judge my taste by this four pack. I needed Chardonnay for a recipe; just ¼ of a cup. I don’t drink white wine anymore. Any quality of it will give me a serious headache. I didn’t say I didn’t like it though. I thought with this four pack, I would save it for other recipes and not be tempted by an opened wine bottle.  Like I know any other recipes that call for Chardonnay.

First of all, I drank one of these little things the night before. Why? Because it was there.  I hate it when I treat food and drinks like that.  The next morning I woke up with one of those headaches you get when you haven’t had your morning coffee. I took Aleve and had my morning coffee before I would have a headache on top of a headache.

By recipe cooking time, I measured out what I needed of the Chardonnay and then proceeded to finish bottle number two – right out of the bottle.  It tasted pretty good with the taste testing.  So when I sat down to eat dinner, I poured bottle number three into a glass. Yummy!

What’s weird is that my white wine effect has me woozy and energetic at the same time. Somehow that works for me. I proceeded to get a lot done while being in a good mood about it. I looked at the remaining bottle of Chardonnay and decide I might as well drink it. Because it was there.  Besides that Papa Bear and Baby bear weren’t in love with the dinner I made so I knew I wouldn’t be trying it again.

I did start to worry about the headache I would have the next day, as it seemed to already be creeping up on me. I decided to pour out the last sip just in case. Thinking irrationally, I wondered if I had a cup of coffee at night would it cancel out my headache for tomorrow. So I tried it. Guess what? It worked. I was able to go to sleep within an hour of having caffeine; I slept like a baby and didn’t wake up with a headache.

Here’s the thing… I might have to start drinking white wine again followed by a thirty calorie cup of coffee. This would be less fattening than my standard glass of Red wine and ¼ cup of M&M’s.


This was a writing prompt for Write on Edge Remembe{RED} memoir meme.

The prompt was to:

This week’s prompt was  to write a 400 word memoir piece in which one of the following features prominently–wine, coffee, or chocolate.