7 Random Christopherisms - Age 7 (3 of 3)

1. #Super Bowl: Christopher asked me what team I was going for. I said, "I guess I'll pick New York." He said, "No you gotta pick the Patrions or the Giants." (yes he said Patrions)

2. "Mom I just pulled part of my lip off and it's bleeding!" (his lips were chapped)

3. #Christmas: "This was my first Christmas seven year old style."

4. "Mom how can some people eat anchobies? That's disgusting. I'm glad we don't eat anchobies." (He said it twice, so that's what he meant)

5. Christopher was looking at a picture of a Sumo wrestler and speaking of them from behind, "Oh no, what if that part goes to the side in a fight?"

6. Christopher: MOM!!! (like it was an emergency) 

Me: WHAT!!? (annoyed) 

Christopher: Remember you said when we got home I could bite an apple to get my tooth out?


7. This picture is the front view of the house I wrote about in the blog post This is the house that Jack built. The house is huge for the lot and the neighborhood. One time when we were driving by Christopher asked,"When that house gets done can we switch?"

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