Procrastination Symptoms...


Right now I am about ten days-ish away from LOTS of company.

My husband is having his official Marine Corps retirement ceremony and celebration on Good Friday.

I need to count the RSVPers, order a cake, buy groceries, plan meals, clean the fish tank and clean the nooks & cranny’s. Is that how you spell cranny’s?

Anyway...I also need to exercise, stop eating M&Ms and drinking wine so that no one will pinch my cheeks or pat my butt and say, “You’ve put on a little weight huh?” Basically I need to starve myself and bite my nails for a day or two.

Aside from that, we need to do our taxes - UGH. We need to get our new retired military IDs, visit the Tricare office, send paperwork off to the new dental company etc etc. Soccer, baseball and softball season are about to get the photography business hopping again. There’s my need to write, edit stuff, get a job(s) and market my baby - my book - the one that’s published; THE CHRISTOPHER CHRONICLES.

When there is too much to do and too much to think about, I get into what I call an anxiety organizational cleaning mode. It’s an affliction with benefits. I started looking around wondering what I could clean that would last until company arrives. Nothing. So I decided to clean out the hall closets. There is no reason for anyone to look in the hall closets. But I might have a show and tell with my mom. She’ll say, “Nice!” Where no one else will actually get it.

Cleaning the closets out led me to washing loads of dusty sheets because I always wash the ones on our beds and put the same ones back on. Then when it was time to fold the sheets to put back into the organized closet I wanted them folded nice. I remember seeing Martha Stewart fold a fitted sheet and it looked just as square and neat as the top sheet. I wanted that!

From my iPhone I pulled up a youtube video - it wasn’t Martha - but some lady folding the fitted sheet. When I attempted to do my sheet, it wasn’t as easy as she made it look. If I had done my own YouTube sheet folding tutorial, it would have taken about 20 minutes give or take a frustrated break or two. In my video you would have heard me say, “Was she folding a crib sheet?!” “Obviously this doesn’t work with deep pocket sheets!” “Whew this is a workout.” You would have seen my forehead glisten with a bit of sweat followed by me turning on the ceiling fan.

I already knew this, but I’m not a visual or auditory learner. Give me some instructions. Not a map, not verbal, but some line by line, written instructions and I will get it. So I did another Google search and found MARTHA’S written instructions and I got it!

Here’s the thing...I took pictures to humor myself. Now that I've got it, in the words of Christopher himself, it was "Easy peezy lemon greasy."


For visual learners click here for the YouTube instructional video.

For read the manual, 'how to guide' learners, click here.

Do you have an affliction with benefits?

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