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I love flowers, but due to allergies I can only play with fake ones. I made both of these arrangements. I have had the first one since about 1998. From time to time I'll buy a new flower and pull out one that is played out. I've also changed vases to give it a different look and I spray it with a scent to keep it fresh. The only time that the arrangement is not on my dining room table is during the Christmas season. 

Before & After

Before & After

The second arrangement is doll size. Can you tell from the photo? I am a fan of a blog called Fashion Doll's at Van's Doll Treasures. The creator, Vanessa, blogs a storyline for dolls. They have their own homes, cars, restaurants, shops, schools, churches all in a place called Morristown. I am not sure how I found Vanessa’s blog, because I am not a doll person. However, I fell in love with Morristown and the people.

In addition to the video scenes and story lines, Vanessa makes beautiful furniture and authentic looking miniature food. I have had this little blue & white vase sitting in a curio cabinet with no flowers in it. I was looking at it one day and thought it would be a great fit for Morristown. By the time I made the teeny arrangement (from flowers in the big arrangement), I really wanted to keep it for myself. But I knew it was well suited for Morristown and not on a shelf in my adult size office.

Go check out this post on Vanessa’s blog, so you can appreciate what the arrangement looks like next to a doll. Take a look around while you are there. You will be amazed, even if you aren't a doll person. 


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