A Quote, Perspective and Safety

North Carolina requires children under eight years old or 80 pounds to use either a child seat or a booster seat. I think this law should have an inclusion for height.

Since the middle of last summer when Christopher was six, he was working hard to “be 80 pounds” so he wouldn’t have to be in a booster seat. He did manage to gain an easy five pounds from a one-week visit to Louisiana. He was really excited; however I told him it wasn’t healthy to gain weight too fast.

By the time school started he had lost the five pounds and he was disappointed. At some point in the school year he gained two more and he has been 75 pounds ever since then.

This week’s kid quote: “Mom, I have some really bad news. The weigh thing says I weigh 750 pounds.” (75.0)

Here we are. To give you some perspective, I am 5’5 and this is my super-sized seven year old first grader.

Since Christopher’s 8th birthday is not until December I am curious as to which one will come first, age eight or 80 pounds. Regardless, we stopped using the booster seat a while back. 

Here’s the thing…This choice is not for everyone. I do believe good behavior accounts for safety. Regardless of the size of your child or the requirements by law, children should always sit properly in their seats, with a correctly fitted seatbelt.