Slashback to 2008...

Christopher was three years old and Mama Bear worried that speech therapy was in Baby bear's future. Now I'm looking at this and saying, "He was only three Kenya." But he is and has always been so tall that I think I tried to rush his development to match the maturity and intellect of kids his size.

By age three, Christopher's speech was clear except for "FL" words. I wrote down the following on 3/12/2008:

go with the flow.png

Me: "Say FFFF Flag."

Him: "Slaaaaaaaaaaag!"

Me: "Say FFFF Flipper."

Him: "Wattslipper mom?"

Me: "Say FFFF Flashlight."

Him: "Where's my slashlight?"

Me: Nevermind.

He also went with Papa Bear to "sly the kite", he rolled his trucks on the "sloor", he would pick a "slower" for me in the yard, and he let me know, "I slushed the toilet mom!" It took a long time, but eventually all the FL words disappeared. One day he asked me, "Do you know where my flashlight is?"... and I was sloored!

Here's the thing... What would I tell that mom above? "Go with the slow."

What's a battle you lost, that eventually won itself?

Update: I found a video!