Are you in a holding pattern?

I have flown in and out of Atlanta's Hartsfield airport enough to have heard, "holding pattern" at least twice. Once it applied to bad weather, and once it applied to what I'm calling an air traffic jam. These are legitimate inconveniences. The planes are put in a holding pattern until they are cleared for landing. In some instances the planes are rerouted altogether.

I was cleared for take off last year. I was flying high and soaring, then one day there were mountains to get around before I could be cleared for landing. The mountains were high and wide. At times I couldn't breathe, sleep or eat. I re-routed my path and misplaced my only passenger; PURPOSE. I've now flown over and around most of my excuses but now I'm in a holding pattern. While Purpose is disguised as fear, we are not secure and cannot be cleared for landing.

Here's the thing I know... A holding pattern is an illegitimate inconvenience disguised by fear and excuses. If you never let your feet touch the ground you will never take off running.

This post was inspired by wanting to write something. I woke up this morning and said, "I wanna write in my blog but I don't have time or any thoughts." I decided to read one instead and this quote said to my brain, "ding ding ding"....

"Take a break from “work” and fill up your passion tank a little bit so that there’s more room for you to navigate down your purpose path." ~Pamela Zimmer

When you find yourself in a holding pattern, keep putting one foot in front of the other until you take off running.

Kenya G. Johnson