The ABC's of Me, Myself & I


Me and Myself are in one of those funky “I’m 41” moods, and our birthday isn’t even coming up. Myself woke up fine yesterday, Me took a nice brisk walk and then I snapped. Maybe we took too long to eat. Maybe we’ve passed our 10 good days – but who’s counting? Ten good days was a metaphor for “some days being a woman totally stinks”. Just so happens we were out of M&Ms and they have since been replenished.

When Myself went to the store to restock on necessities, Me figured I might as well throw in a bottle of wine just in case the day didn't get any better.

So you might be over forty when:

  • A cashier disregards the “no matter what” rules and overrides asking for your ID
  • You know the big hair versions of Luke & Laura, Angie & Jessie, Beth & Phillip, and Bo & Hope.
  • When you know what these are:
  • When you are asked what’s for dinner and you think to yourself, “I’ll have what Mariah Carey is having.”

I wanted to work on the A to Z challenge yesterday called The ABC’s of Me. You can’t ball up a piece of paper that’s on your computer screen. After Me and Myself agreed that I wasn’t Charming, Elegant, or Patient and that A should have been for Attitude – we clicked delete.

So the day pretty much ends with a headache; one of those Myself thinks you get just from being 'U is for Uptight.'

So I’m sitting on the end of Christopher’s bed and he is just staring at my face. 'U for Uptight' hopes it not about the 'P for Pimple'. But he’s not looking at Me that way. He has a glazed over look. So I wave my hand in front of him in a ‘snap out of it’ fashion and I ask him, “What? Are you daydreaming?” He says, “Naw, I was just silently saying you sure are pretty.” That made OUR day!!! Put that in a bottle and sell it for $8.99.

Here’s the thing… If anyone comments asking what that picture is of, then you might just send Me, Myself and I on a downward spiral. However, we are also flattered that you read our blog.

Me, Myself & I