Are you maintaining your weight?


I recently found out that women over 40 have to exercise at least one hour a day, five days a week, just to MAINTAIN their weight.


I seriously doubt this is "new" news; it's just that I started listening when I entered the "over 40" category.  

5 signs that you aren't maintaining your weight..

  1. You struggle to put on dirty jeans.
  2. Unintended criticism ends with, "You look good though."
  3. Eye contact meets boobs.
  4. If you purge your closet of everything that you can't fit, you won't have anything to wear.
  5. You intentionally criticize a celebrity who looks too skinny. You end with, "She looks good though." 

Here's the thing.... Whatever "over 40", I have found myself in this predicament every Spring, since age 30