How she got her name...


Meet Maxine 

Isn’t she lovely? Maxine arrived at the Johnson household about a month ago, approximately three weeks after my laptop flatlined.

I said to Papa Bear, “I need a new computer.” He said, “We need to get a little landscaping done.”

Arms folded I rode along to look at rocks, plants, trees, bushes, bricks, mulch etc. All the while thinking, “Can’t I just go when you’ve narrowed down on something?” I can’t tell you how fun it was to drive 50 minutes one way to look at rocks. 

The day we picked out Maxine she was nothing but branches; no buds. The tag showed a picture of her potential and then she and I made a connection. Papa Bear never buys anything on the first look. I just knew she wouldn’t be there if we left and shopped around. I need to know the look I had in my eyes so I can use it again. Maxine was paid for that day and picked up a week later. At that time she still did not have a name.

Meanwhile I was still whining about the loss of my computer to no avail. We pointlessly window shopped. I say pointless because Mac’s do not go on sale and they are the same price EVERYWHERE. I stood away arms folded at anything that wasn’t a Mac and I relentlessly pouted while leaving every place we looked without one. 

The little bit of landscaping turned into a lot. I saw my Mac future go up in smoke when Maxine’s brothers Leland, Cypress, Red Maple and ‘nem arrived along with palettes of mulch.  I went out to talk to Maxine once she was planted. I sighed saying, “I might as well call you Mac because I’m never gonna get one.” She still looked like a boy with no hair so Mac seemed appropriate. Days later Mac started blossoming and I gave her the new name Maxine.

A month later.....

Meet Max

Isn’t she lovely!! This is my new MacBook Pro. Her name is Maxine Junior - Max for short. 


Here's the thing... I've been told Happy Mother's Day, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. Thanks Papa Bear!!

What was the last gift you received or gave to yourself that was for every occassion in the year?

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