Order in Mother's court...


When she pounded her gavel (fist) on the counter, exclaiming that she had had enough, the warning was heeded. 

I call the above quote My Mother's Creed. It comes from a snapshot vision of her warning as my brother and I fought over who would look at the back of the cereal box.


I recently shared how Christopher completed the idiom, Never underestimate the power (his words) “of an angry mom”. That was his first answer after I explained that underestimate meant to misjudge. Good one son, as I wondered where that came from. 

My eyes shoot like daggers pinning him in his place.

The point of my finger silences him.

The snap of my finger makes him move like the crack of a whip.

Talking through my teeth makes him understand the importance of what I am saying.

Calling him by his first middle and last name makes him check himself. 

When I’ve raised my voice and a hand to his behind, he underestimated the power of this mother’s warning.

Here’s the thing... Let my body language be intimidating, so that when he is bigger and stronger than me, he will never underestimate my power. My responsibility as a mother is to teach him to respect me so that he will always respect others.

What's your creed?

Christophers mom.png