happy Muthers day...


I was led into the kitchen. Christopher wanted me to close my eyes but I was holding a cup of coffee that Papa Bear made for me. Papa Bear knows I'm clumsy. Christopher will lead me with my eyes closed but he's only looking where he is going. Not where my knees or feet are going to make contact. So thanks Papa Bear. He said, "We don't want mommy to get hurt on her day."

So Christopher gave me this little note. I said, "Aww thank you! What is that a ring?" He said, "Yes, it's the least I could do." It was taped on all sides and I had to gently cut the tape so I could open it. 

I watched his face light up in anticipation as I looked at what he made for me. I have been waiting for one of these for seven years and my face lit up too.


Here's the thing... It's 10:43 and Papa Bear and Baby Bear are in the kitchen making me breakfast. I currently smell like Twilight Woods from Bath & Body Works. Apparently they argued over which fragrance to choose. Christopher wanted a "green one" (my favorite color). Christopher said, "But mom daddy wouldn't let me get green. But the lady said this one had good reviews and it wasn't too strong."

Happy Mother's Day to all women. As a good friend put it, Happy Mother's Day to all those who are brought into motherhood by nurturing.