Reading is like riding a bike...


Just in time for summer - no more training wheels. I don't know which one I worried about more this first grade school year: Christopher's ability to read fluently or ride his bike without training wheels. 

Well it seems that we had a break through with both in the same week.

I’ve always been jealous of that commercial, “My baby can read”. I’d gruff at the television saying, “Your baby can memorize.”

For Kindergarten and 1st grade Christopher has been “on track” with his reading level; which I didn’t think was that great. I was frustrated with his lack of interest to want to get it and do it better. He would easily give up to ask, “What’s this word?” or say, “I don’t know” like he hadn’t tried. 

In the last few months I discovered he could read what he wanted to read. I was surprised when he read a text message over my shoulder. His privacy issues started with, “Why did you put my name on Facebook?” Now I have to write about him in private.

Last week the 4th period interim report was sent home. “Christopher shows major improvement....” and “what you do with him at home shows....” Whew, its about time. 


That same day, as we are leaving for his swimming lesson he grabs a book for the ride. In the car he is reading to himself but out loud. I am impressed by the words he does not stumble over. He was reading a book about the Transformers. I know he has memorized words such as Decepticon, Destroyer, Devastator, Optimus Prime, and Autobot, however the words in between were more advanced than the Dick & Jane book I struggled over in the first grade, “See Spot run.” 

Here’s the thing... My baby can read and he can ride his bike without training wheels.

What shall I worry about next?