Name that year...


I was in the 10th grade and loving pink like it was going out of style. Never mind the head band. I searched high and low for this picture because I saw someone with a head band on two weeks ago. I said, “Oh no. Are they coming back in?”

I was 15 years old.

My favorite shows were The Cosby Show, 227, Who’s the Boss, Moonlighting and Miami Vice.

I watched reruns of What’s Happening, That’s My Mama, Andy Griffith and Alice.

I listened to music before my time.

Prince and Michael Jackson were my current favorites and their posters were on my wall.

Whitney Houston remade The Greatest Love of All. I preferred the George Benson version but then she grew on me. 

It was 1986 and that was a looooong time ago. 

I worked at Baskin Robbins. I made $2.50 an hour and it took several paychecks to save up for a $50 pair of Guess jeans.

I could have boy company but we had to stand outside, and my little brother was always  close by.

I wouldn’t have my drivers license for another four years.

In nine years I would meet my husband.

It would be eleven years before I left home for good.

It would be nineteen years before I had a baby.

Twenty four years later I would graduate from college.

Twenty five years later I would realize I still want to be who she wanted to be.

A word to rising sophomores, juniors, seniors and high school graduates: This is a serious time in your lives. What you do in the next few years determines your future. When you have been afforded the opportunity to go to College, whether your parents are paying for it, whether you've earned a scholarship or whether you are paying your own way...FOCUS. Focus and follow your dreams purposefully.

 "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." - John Lennon