Fridays with Christopherisms...


Here a note, there a note, everywhere a Christopherism note...

The following are random Christopherisms I found scribbled in journals and on sticky notes. The Christopher Chronicles Book Two for Age 6 should be released sometime next year. Some of these are from age six and some are from age 7:

Alrighty then...

“Mom I don’t get it when you say you don’t mind because it means like you don’t want me to do it. You should say you do mind.” Age 7

While flexing his muscles, I asked, “Are you holding your stomach in?” He replied, “Yeah, I’m trying to poke it in.” Age 6

“Mom what is the last grade?” I reply, “Twelfth grade.” He asked, “But is it called the last grade?” I respond, “No, it’s called the twelfth grade.” He asked, “Why is first grade called the first grade and second grade called second grade and third grade called third grade?” I respond with bug-eyed silence. Age 6

Extended white lie:

Christopher was telling an elaborate story about something that happened on the playground. I said, “That can’t be true”. He said, “No, I’m just pretending it in my memory.” Age 7

About food:

I’ve been experimenting with meals; none of which are worthy of a repeat. “Mom, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I don’t think I can like this.” Age 7

I asked, “Are you a little bit hungry or a lot?” Without much enthusiasm he replied, “Just a little.” When he saw I had made a standard favorite, “Ooooh I am a lot hungry for THAT.” Age 7

I asked, “You done eating already?” He said, “Yep. I eat it fast when I like it.” Age 7

We were going to McDonalds. “Mom, I’m just a little bit hungry. A Happy Meal is all the diet I need.” Age 6


We were going to a Christmas party and I had Christopher change into a sweater and casual shoes to go with the jeans he was already wearing. He said, “Awww man. Now I’m gonna look churchy and I’m not going to have any fun.” Almost 7

I asked Christopher, “Did you know you sleep with one leg up?” He said, “Yeah it's so I can get a head start out of bed.” Age 6

I asked Christopher, “What are you eating?” He replied, “Fruit snacks.” I asked if I could have a couple. He asked, “How many?” Age 6

“Mom would you like to go bobbing for apples?” I reply, “No, I don’t think people do that anymore. It’s not sanitary.” He responds, “Well we could just rinse the water out each time.” Age 6

“How can a fish see underwater without goggles?” Age 6


“There is somebody in my class whose birthday is right across from mine.” Age 6

“Mom, I think I am almost out of size with these pants.” Age 6

"Mom do I need a strong jacket today?” As opposed to a light one. Age 6

On a road trip, “I have to use the bathroom. I’ve been holding it this whole time. I can hold it some more if we don’t go through the woods again.” (a long stretch of road with no place to stop) Age 6

Which one was your favorite today?


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