We can be a little catty...

Now that swimming is “in season”, the swimming registration line was very long. This time last month I was third in line at 9:30. Today, I didn’t count, but I was probably the 25th. So what do you do when you are by yourself just waiting? 

This is an instance where, Me, Myself & I play a game of I Spy.


Here’s what was going on inside our head:

I spy with my grown up eyes...

  • An ugly pair of “those must feel good” sandals.  Me, Myself and I are annoyed that she has beautiful feet and could pull it off. We looked down at our feet and realized we are wearing our, “they feel good” Clarks and our self-pedicure was not without effort. Then we look all over for ugly feet until we find some to make us feel better.
  • Two hideous purses. One looked like she stepped off the ship in Acapulco and bought the first straw purse she laid her eyes on. The second one looked like it was purchased from an antique garage sale; if you opened it there you might have found crochet needles and yarn inside. We realize we might be a bit of a purse snob. We won’t buy a used or handmade bag; however we won’t go broke over a designer one either. 
  • A little snotty nose. Myself wonders when the mom is going stop cattying chatting with her friend and get a tissue out of her fancy designer purse. 
  • A fresh effortless looking haircut. Myself refuses to pay the lady a compliment. Me smiles at her when she realizes we are staring. We now want our own “fresh look” haircut eventhough we realize we don’t have effortless hair. 
  • Eight iPhones with cute cases. Myself takes ours out to make it nine. 
  • A large family. Me wonders why dad and the kids couldn’t have stayed in the car or at home for that matter.

I chastised Myself for wondering if a lady was pregnant again. Me said it was obvious that she hadn’t lost the baby weight from the one she was holding. I was reminded that we had been there and looked like that when having a baby wasn’t an excuse. 

I could relate with the mom who pulled out her cellphone for her little one to play Angry Birds but Me wondered if she could turn it down a notch or give the kid some headphones. 

When it was our turn register, we feel like we didn’t take as long as anyone else did. We smile at the last person in line. Myself is smug about getting there 30 minutes early; Me says make it an hour next time. 

Are you ever catty inside of your head when you don’t have anyone to be catty with? 

Here’s the thing...even if I did have someone to be catty with I never would have said any of these things. I would have waited until we got back in the car.

Me, Myself & I