All for one & one for all...

My Sagittarius horoscope provided by Yahoo Astrology: There is no need to rush to the finish line. Life is a never-ending race, so pace yourself. This is good advice for anyone who wants to take it. 


Is it me or is there an underlying competition between women who work and women who “don’t work”. I phrased it that way intentionally. It rattles the nerves on both sides doesn’t it?

When a working mom tells me, “Oh I have to work, so I can’t yada yada yada….” It strikes a chord of annoyance under my skin and makes me want to go down the list of things I did that day.

It makes me want to compare my tired with her tired.  But I don’t do that either. Number one its not a good look, number two, it doesn’t accomplish anything.

The truth is, I KNOW I overcompensate for free time. I do things because I can, not necessarily because I want to or have to. It is not a competition, it is not a race, and it is not necessarily a choice. It is what it is, so pace yourself. Chillax.

Today I am going on a field trip with a bunch of first graders. No doubt there will be a mix of SAHMs and mom’s who have real jobs. Today I will NOT partake in the conversation of why this wasn’t convenient for me today.

We all signed up for it. It is what it is. I had prepared to not enjoy myself today. I spent too much energy on getting ready to be away from my job. Yesterday is done – check. Today is a new day. I am giving myself permission to enjoy it, and go with the flow. I will pace myself.

Here's the thing... so I'm still comparing... Did June Cleaver go on Field Trips? I don't think so. 

Sporadically Yours