Kids Say the Darndest Things...


I went on a field trip with Christopher's first grade class yesterday. We visited a farm where we road on a hay ride, picked strawberries, looked at farm animals and then had lunch. I WISH I could remember all the funnies I heard. I did pretty good. This is what the 41 year old brain was able to recall seven hours later:

I complimented the kids on their field trip shirts. One chimed in, "We high dyed them!"

As we set off on the hay ride, one little pessimist said, "This is gonna be dangerous."

On the hay ride we saw "Moffs" and a "Black Willow."

We passed the Christmas tree lot on the hay ride. One of the teachers said, "Look at all the Christmas trees." Christopher said, "Christmas trees? No way. It's not even Christmas yet."

When we picked strawberries; some were eating them on the spot. One kid said, "This taste like apple sauce." I'm guessing that one was too ripe.

Then there was a bleeding epidemic. Strawberry juice.

As we passed by a donkey, it decided to take a potty break. The teacher said, "Oh that's lovely." One kid said, "No it's not Miss O. It pooped over there, over there and right there! There's donkey poop everywhere."

I brought Subway sandwiches for our lunch. One of Christopher's classmates asked what the green thing was in his sandwich. Christopher said, "It's spinach. The spinach at our school is chopped up. The spinach in real life looks like a leaf."

As Christopher dug in my bag for his cookie, he pulled out something and asked, "What's this?" I said, "That's mine." He asked, "But what is it?" I said, "It's something for girls." He replied, "No fair."

Here's the thing... I hurried to dig his cookie out of the bag so there wouldn't be anymore discussion about my tampon.


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