21 actions in reverse psychology to get your man to do stuff...

How to get your man to:

  1. Take out the trash - Get ready to take out the trash.
  2. Take a nap - Take a nap
  3. Take his shower - Go in the bathroom to do your hair.
  4. Eat dinner - Put the food away.
  5. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher - Leave clean ones in there.
  6. Turn left - Tell him to turn right.
  7. Cut the watermelon - Mop the floor.
  8. Stay home - Say, “Okay but I’m going to Bed, Bath & Beyond so don’t rush me.”
  9. Grill - Buy him a steak and tell him you plan to bake it.
  10. Drive - Put your car in drive instead of reverse while you are still in the garage.
  11. Have a sudden urge to use the bathroom - Put Pine Sol in all the toilets.
  12. Make him disappear - Get on the phone with your mother - or his.
  13. Eat the leftovers - Imply that the leftovers are for dinner and he will eat them for lunch.
  14. Do windows and baseboards - Have his family come for a visit.
  15. Cut the grass - Wash a bedspread you are intending to hang outside.
  16. Move his car so you can get out - Say you will just take his car.
  17. Sleep with the ceiling fan on - Tell him to move over to his side of the bed.
  18. Put gas in your car - Fluff your hair, put on lip gloss and say, “I’m going to get gas.”
  19. Try something he doesn’t eat - Say it's just for you. 
  20. Do any logical thing you suggest - Get another man to suggest the exact same thing.

Here’s the thing ... I like getting my car washed and detailed but tell me what sense does that make when we are preparing to leave for a road trip? When I say preparing, I mean leaving in the next hour. This usually happens when he is ready first and I say I will be ready in 30 minutes. His response, “Well I’m gonna go wash the car real quick.”

#21 Wash the car - Prepare for a road trip 

Do you have any to add to the list? Inquiring women want to know...

2013 Update:

Kenya G. Johnson
How to get your husband to take your son to the barbershop ASAP: Get dressed, put lipstick on, primp and announce you are taking him. Note: this does not work for grocery shopping.