Always fail to "mention"...

Promoting is so hard. But I have no problems joining in on the “one up you” conversations with other women on our birth stories. I will easily tell the story about being in labor for two days, going to the hospital on my mom’s birthday, the morning of my birthday and being sent home both times. I will tell you how I spent my birthday watching the clock, leaning against walls, taking countless showers and baths.

I will tell you about how on my birthday, my husband and I came up with the name “Christopher” while he rolled frozen turkey sausage on my back just hours before my water broke.

I will whine that Christopher took his time coming in order to have his own birthday, then rushed me to where there was no time for an epidural.  I will boast that he burst into the world a whopping ten pounds.


What I always fail to mention is that he has been written about. When he was five years old I began to collect his, “Christopherisms” with the intentions of saving and posting a few on Facebook. 

By the time I was collecting the age six Christopherisms, I decided I would get an editor and illustrator then self-publish The Christopher Chronicles, Age 5.

I had hoped that my self-marketing attempts would lead me to ‘get lucky’ and stumble upon or vice versa, a publisher that would pick up the next book in the series and so on. 

So what’s the book about? This first edition has 99 Christopherisms - anecdotes. You can click on the image above which will take you the Amazon page and you can click to look inside. You can also search my tag cloud to towards the bottom right side of this page for “Christopher”, “Christopherisms”, “Kid Quotes” and “The Christopher Chronicles”.

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