From tears to laughter...

One week out of the month Christopher has one on one swimming lessons and a swim class three Saturdays out of the month. This is swimming lesson week. Swimming lessons are expensive but it is the one activity that Christopher really loves so far. Even though the lesson is only 30 minutes, it is a two hour chunk out of the day.  Needless to say, it is a sacrifice of time and expense.

This week is also the last week of school (1st grade), so I’ve allowed Christopher to watch AFV after he eats dinner. I’m in the kitchen and I hear, “Thanks mom.” I ask, “For what?”

Now you have to click and watch this video before you read on.  He calls me into the living room and rewinds TiVo for me to see this commercial:

In 30 seconds, I am fanning my eyes when I look at him and say, “Thank YOU.” So he rewinds it again and says, “Wait, what does that say?” I have to laugh now because I thought he read everything. I read, “Behind every athlete is a loving mom.” Then he reads, “Thank you mom” and I am fanning my eyes again.

I tell him that he has made my day. As he proceeds to turn the television off he says, “I wish they had a dad one. Dad’s feelings wouldn’t be so great right now.” 

Here’s the thing… I LOVE that kid!

Christophers mom.png