Facebook Friday with Christopher...

Facebook stream:

We are having movie night. I put a video into the VCR - no questions from Christopher. The previews start to play and say, "Coming soon to video cassette...." Christopher looks up from what he's doing with a frown on his face and asks, "How come it said video cassette?"

Christopher's school bus was running late this morning. Two buses were coming around the corner. I wondered aloud which was his bus because I couldn't see the numbers yet. He said, "Mine is the light skinned one." (His bus is faded).

I was reading Christopher a bible story as a bedtime story. I read, "Now Bathsheba was already married. For David to look at and long for another's man's wife was sinful in God's eyes." First he asked me what "sensible" meant. I corrected him and said, "sinful" and then explained that it was a sin for David to look at Bathsheba because she was married. He said, "I don't get it. Men look at married ladies all the time." 

I read the bible story about Naaman who had leprosy and was healed in the River Jordan. When Christopher asked me, "What's leprosy?" I said it was, "Bad skin." He said, "I bet he didn't put lotion on."

Most days Christopher's honesty is sweet, naive, and mostly funny. Comment about tonight’s dinner, "Mom, I'm only going to be able to eat this one time."

Christopher watches AFV like it’s a football game. Comments like, "Awww c'mon!" He is never satisfied with the winner and can't believe they won. This evening he comments, "You've got to be kidding me. That wasn't even funny. Mom we need to sign up for AFV." (age 7)

So the M&M “I’m sexy and I know it” commercial is one of those things that he can’t get out of his head. He thought it was funny to snatch his shirt off while singing, “Oh it’s that kinda party, hit it! I’m sexy and I know it!”


On Saturday May 5th, I was on yahoo and read aloud the title of this article (First-Grader Suspended for Singing ‘I'm Sexy and I Know It’). Christopher asked, "Who is it?" I showed him the picture of the little boy. He said, "Whew. I'm glad it isn't me."

Today he records this on the iPad using Talking Tom:

Here's the thing... this real life character is in a book - as himself. Check out The Christopher Chronicles, Age 5.