Sunday Stream of Consciousness: Time's up...

Today’s (Optional) Writing Prompt: What does it mean to reinvent yourself?


Papa Bear and baby bear left for two weeks on June 18th. My mom came to visit me for the first week. So I had the second week to reinvent myself. I looked forward to it because I had expected some kind of break through would occur. It happened in 2010 when they went, and it happened last year. In 2010, I rediscovered writing the night before they came back, and shortly after that I started my blog. Happy 2 year bloggerversary to me. In 2011, I finally made a move to put The Christopher Chronicles together and it was finalized and self-published in November. 

For 2012, these last two weeks, I expected a reinvention of sorts. I enjoyed my just for me meals, read a book, flipped through some magazines, watched a few movies, blogged a little, networked alot. Then I became dangerously bored which for me would mean painting a room, or buying something. I even picked up scissors several times and studied my hair for a long time in the mirror and I took a slow stroll down the hair coloring aisle at Walgreens. I didn’t do any of those things. I just started going to bed with the sunset. Everything is clean, there is no laundry, no dishes, I miss my family and I am bored. 

So what does it mean that I didn’t reinvent myself. Does it mean that nothing needs to be fixed or does it really mean to start over as in move on to something new. (Pausing clock to reflect). Because I thought within this time my brain would be freed to be creative and I would really come up with a great list of things to write about and I didn’t. I thought I would go back and work on the edits of a major writing project but I didn’t. I thought I could pick up where I left off with a book I was writing but I couldn't. I thought I would figure out how to take The Christopher Chronicles to the next level but I didn’t. I thought I would find a job, but I didn’t.

Times up and I don’t have an answer.

Here’s the thing... In about two weeks I’ll probably come back here and slap myself and say, “What were you thinking for not thinking?” 


 This was a 5 minute Stream of Consciousness.

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