Geek Squad: There's a daughter for that...

Daddy's new & old phone

Daddy's new & old phone

I came home to visit my parents this week. The main agenda was one more summer visit for Christopher with his grandparents. The second agenda was to put on my geek squad hat to help mom and dad transition to smartphones. 

A couple years ago, I came to set up their wifi so they wouldn’t have to wait for a tech to come out. I think tech people put your scheduled date out a few weeks so you can get someone else to do it in the meantime. 

Then when daddy got a new television and needed to set up the wifi so that he could look at YouTube, I knew the transition to smartphone couldn’t be handled long distance. 

When mom came to visit me a couple weeks ago, daddy called to say his iPod broke. My first reaction was, oh no he’s going to get another one and I’m going to have to talk him through it over the phone. Baby bear and Papa bear were out of town, and I really didn’t want to play geek squad over the phone with my daddy while I was on vacation from being mom and wife. Fortunately he called back to say it was working again. 

However, the following week he called all excited about getting an iPhone and my first reaction was oh no he’s going to get an iPhone and I’m going to have to talk him through it over the phone. I gave him every reason I could think of not to get an iPhone. I wanted mom to have an iPhone, but daddy didn’t really need one. He just needed a device that could hold more music. He has one app, he doesn’t text, and he had more music stored in iTunes than would fit on the iPhone. 

I quickly called mom to tell her that daddy wanted an iPhone so be prepared. I gave her my reasons for why he wouldn’t be satisfied with it. Meanwhile daddy had called me back about four more times. He said, “Did you call your mother and tell her you and I talked?” I said, “No?” Then when we got off of the phone again, I immediately called her back to say, “You and I haven’t talked about this! Daddy is on his way home.” So when daddy came home she was prepared to ignore him, while he went on about wanting an iPhone.

She did some research behind his back while he was deflated about not getting a new phone. She and I talked about the possibilities and were prepared to go to look at the options the day after I got here. Meanwhile daddy started in on the iPhone again. We were all sitting in the living room and he said, “Now how come I don’t need an iPhone?” Mom and I had talked about it so much at this point that we gave him the same answer at the same time, and he really let it go.

There’s no short story with my daddy, so let me wrap this up....

So daddy got a Droid with expandable memory up to 32 gigs. I downloaded his one requested app, The Weather Channel. Twenty-four hours later when I had finally finished transferring his 23 gigs worth of music to the flashcard, I sent him a text saying that I was done. Mom got the iPhone and I know she will use all of its capabilities.

Here's the thing... (the below photo)