If you can't stand the heat, get out of the man cave...

I am back home and settled from playing the geek squad at my parents house. Towards the end of the week after me whining about how awful their computer was, they decided to upgrade that too. You know how computers today start with a minimum of 4 gigs of RAM? Well theirs still had megabytes - nuff said.


I was able to catch up with a few people while I was home. One afternoon I went out to visit a friend across town.

Evening approached quickly as a storm began to roll in. I actually got a text from daddy telling me it was time to come home. I am forty-one years old now. Some things I’ll argue about, most things I still abide by. I replied, "Leaving shortly."

Each day of the week that we were there, the morning flew by while Christopher and I still had on our pajamas. I always looked at the clock to make sure we were dressed by the time daddy came home for lunch. It’s just one of those things I remember from summers at home with my brother. You better be dressed when daddy comes home for lunch and you BETTER NOT still be asleep. 

Daddy and I had our one-on-one time where we listened to music and sang Earth Wind & Fire off-key. We enjoyed our quality time, whether it was me teaching him how to shuffle the music on his new phone, or how to get internet shortcuts on the desktop screen of the new computer.

We didn’t have the deep conversation that can sometimes go south. We will be in the man cave after a few glasses of wine going too far down memory lane. We always seem to stop at the same place. A period in time where he and I didn’t get along. I was a teenager and his permanent headache. 

He will still recall the one incident where I actually did nothing wrong and it REALLY wasn’t my fault. He will manage to be mad all over again. Really?

So what had happened was....

My best friend and I, along with her younger brother and sister were dropped off at the state fair. Her mother was going to pick us up at 11:00. We separated from her brother and sister, though we were supposed to stay together, agreeing to meet at a certain place at a certain time. When my friend and I showed up at the meeting place, her brother and sister weren’t there. So we went back to look for them. To make a long story short, we must have passed them. Her brother and sister met up with their mom first and we were “missing”.  I believe her mom worked as a security guard somewhere in the area. Once we were “found”, it just looked like we were casually walking around. (This does kinda sound fishy). I just knew I was in trouble for no good reason, when daddy was coming to pick me up at midnight from a place in my memory that looked like a police station. In actuality, it was probably her mom's office and she was wearing her uniform.

He fussed all the way home about EVERYTHING I had done up to that point. To this day I plead NOT GUILTY.

Here’s the thing... there may have been one time that I was still asleep or had on my pajamas when daddy came home for lunch, but it only happened once. That was nearly 30 years ago, but since I know how easily daddy can have a flashback - I do not set up the scene. When we turn south on memory lane, I start yawning and make my exit. 

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