So fabulous, they had me at “hello”...

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Here's the thing... I don’t do blog awards the traditional way. I usually have a prepared speech but I didn’t bring it this time. A sincere thank you to my friend Jen at We're living a full life for passing on the ribbon to me. I am flattered that she thinks my blog is fabulous and by the sweet things she wrote about me in her blog post.


I am participating in this one because it is rather timely; I met somebody! She’s a blogger whom I have known since way last year. She’s from Maine and has moved to North Carolina in my neck of the woods. Meet Jenn Gilman of

Casey and Jenn share the writing on their blog titled, “So this is love...”.  Christopher and I met them this past weekend at Rita’s. They were no different than they come across on their blog - simply fabulous!

So in accepting and passing on this ribbon I am supposed to do this. However in my non-traditional fashion, I’ll work that into another post, perhaps during my ten good days when I am feeling fabulous. 

Here’s the thing... In addition to Jenn & Casey, and Jen who passed this on to me, I want to introduce you to three more fabulous bloggers who I have not mentioned before.

They had me at hello (first read):

Author, Bridget Straub @

Photographer, Kathy @ You’ll shoot your eye out

Writer, Gina @ Does anyone care what I write?