When a dilemma is a lose/lose...


Today I did much better than Day One of the Insanity workout. I had 100% caffeine and proceeded to complete all but six minutes of the workout.

I thought I was  going to write about the workout and how my chest didn’t hurt today because I paced myself.

I thought I was going whine about how my calf muscles still hurt and are so tight I can’t stand on my tippy toes to get anything out of the kitchen cabinet.

I thought I was going to tell you how my coffee and I had a nice moment in the kitchen this morning getting reacquainted and how having caffeine had a better effect on my day.

Here’s the thing...

For the length of my workout, I was wondering what was happening to my hair under my scarf. I know I would be in better shape if I could/would sweat my butt off more often. But if I didn’t sweat at all I could go about seven days without shampooing my hair.

Did someone gasp? No worries. That is completely common amongst the brown skinned.

Anyhoo... lately with the heat of the day, the kind of heat that makes you glisten, now its down to four or five days. This is when its oily, flat, and cannot be made to fluff up. 

This time last year my hair was a pinch to a pinky finger short. I could sweat it out, then come home to shampoo, dry and flat iron some fluff in it within an hour.  If I didn’t want to use heat to dry it, it could air dry in an hour - then 10 minutes to fluff. I still have short hair but it is considerably longer this summer. To dry it without heat, flat iron and style it means it’s a stay at home day. So I have to plan my whole day around my hair. 

So after an INSANE workout, I did sweat my butt off. My hair is crunchy right now because I didn’t shampoo it. I won’t be able to shampoo it tomorrow either. So this means Saturday will have to be a stay at home day so that I can have fluffy hair for church on Sunday. I can’t NOT exercise because of my hair, but because of my hair I don’t want to. I would love to cut it to a pinch short again. But here’s the thing...

I married a man who liked my hair long. In our young marriage we would discuss how much I was going to get cut if I said I was getting it cut. We discussed the big chop for weeks before I got it cut. I know that my hair was slammin’, sharp, fly, tight, the BOMB, but the only compliment I ever received from him was when I came home that day and asked, “Well?” and he said, “I like it.” 


So fast-forward years later, I have a seven year old with opinions and compliments of his own. He is very complimentary of me but does not hesitate to ask straight up “So what are you planning to do with your hair mom?” He knows when I’m teetering on the fence about getting it all cut off again. He starts discussing that he likes my hair better a way that he’s only seen in pictures. 

So today crunchy hair and all Christopher says on the fly, "Love you mom. You're like a flower to me!" I asked, "What does that mean?" He said, "You're so beautiful!"

So what’s stands between me and a good workout is long hair and what’s stands between me and short hair is my son.

You see my dilemma here?

Lose lose. 

Here's the thing... it's really a win/win that he thinks I'm beautiful just the way I am.

I see many crunchy hair and stay at home days in my future and I'm okay with that.

A 2013 Update