If you're happy and you know it...

Do a dance....

Week-end update:

Today I’m singing y'all. 

Not once did I tell Shaun T. in the Insanity workout video to shut up.

I have overcome three emotional workout hurtles in one week:

Monday - I was evil on a rest day

Tuesday - I cried after the fit test

Friday - I got a back spasm from putting my socks on

Today I feel all bright eyed and bushy tailed, like the energizer bunny, like I could take a run around the neighborhood or maybe just ride my bike around the block. The point is, today I feel wonderful after my workout. 

Here’s the thing... I am finally seeing some progress. Yesterday I was able to put on jean shorts, straight out of the dryer, without using any negative exclamation points. 

Kenya - Day 19