Déjà Vu...

I do not like to be wrong, especially when I know I’m right. So I will prove it, in my way, in my time. Yesterday we were doing our Insanity workout and I looked at the sheet afterwards saying, “We were supposed to do Pure Cardio.” Papa Bear said, “That was Pure Cardio.” I said, “No it wasn’t.” He said, "Yes it was." I could go on an on here.

You know how when you know you are right but the other person is irritably adamant, so you end the potential argument with, “Okay” and leave it at that? Well that’s what I did.

So this morning he asks, “Which workout is it today?” Marinated in sarcasm, I replied, “The same one we did yesterday.” He smirks and tells me why yesterdays workout was Pure Cardio. I say, “Okay.”

We get about ten minutes into the workout and the sarcasm is just boiling up in me. I’m half doing the workout because I did the exact same thing yesterday and the affected parts hurt.

I dramatize, “My! I am getting a sense of déjà vu. Are you?” I look at his face. He shakes his head and sternly reports, “This is not the same video from yesterday", explaining why again. This time I don’t say okay.

I go on to compare Pure Cardio to the one we are doing for the second day in a row. “In Pure Cardio, Tonya sighs and says her hair is already wet. Shaun says, I hope ya’ll are sweatin’ like me right now and he asks if we are as nervous as him about the part coming up next. Shaun stands behind that girl and shows us how her feet are almost kicking her butt.” I look at his face. No expression.

Now it’s confession time – because I am not wrong and I have to prove my point. I say, “At exactly 11 minutes and 52 seconds left, that guy is going to take his shirt off.”  When it was getting close, I said, “Here’s the part, watch.” Then I say, “BAM!

So while I stared Papa Bear down trying to get him to make eye contact and crack a smile he said, “You make my head hurt.”

Here's the thing... and that is as close as I’ll get to a confession that HE was wrong and I was right.

Should be 'Day 30' but that's another sporadic publication.

Kenya G. Johnson - Day 23