Pure Insanity!

ay 26

ay 26

39:25 of Pure Cardio

And I did it all by myself! Today is the second day in a row that I worked out alone. I won’t get too sarcastic about it. Papa Bear's back hurts and it REALLY hurts (in a man’s world). I suffered through a lethargic week of working out with the fountain of youth and you didn’t see me taking a day off. But who’s counting? Yeah, I am. So.

Papa Bear doesn’t do the stretching and it has finally caught up with him.  He’s a retired Marine now, who thinks he can still hit the ground running. I know better. I whipped my hair back and forth one time and suffered for about a week. You just can’t play around with cold muscles in your forties. I recently found out I can’t even put on my socks in a hurry. As Shaun T says, “Stretching is really impor-int.”

Shaun T also says “sweat-in”. I’ve got one more but it’s really embarrassin’ and I don’t want to get sued for defamation. He’s a cool guy.

Anyway, I’m being a really good sport with all this sweatin’. I’d post a mug shot for you but I don’t want that to be the face that comes up in Google when somebody searches for Kenya G. Johnson. You know how greasy Shemp’s hair always looked on The Three Stooges? I have Shemp hair right now for the long part. For the short part, its crunchy curls gone wild.

I do miss my exercise partner. Without him I cheat rather than improvise. But I’ve come a long way. When he needed to take a couple days off last week, I didn’t exercise either.

Here’s the thing… On Pure Cardio day, there is a second part – another 17 minutes or so of some ab stuff – called Cardio Abs. If I’m really good, I’ll knock that out after I post this.

Acknowledgment of torture is not accountability for it. ~Yousef Munayyer

Kenya G. Johnson - Day 26