Track Star...

5 minutes - go!

Coach said, "I need you to fill in on the 880." (So & so didn't feel good). My best race was the 100 meter dash. I was not a cross country runner. I wasn't a 440 runner. Coach said, "You can do it. No matter what, just finish the race."

My teammates cheered for me. I accepted the challenge as if I had a choice. Someone said, "Put some cream-a-jesus on your legs." The 'cream of Jesus' was what we nicknamed the the cream to put on our legs to keep them warm."

I got out there to race. Not knowing how to fully pace myself for anything more than a practice run, I just ran. I was never ahead of anyone and I finished the race dead last. I was trotting in to finish with my team hollering like I was a close second. However, I was so behind, hurtles were in two lanes because they were setting up for the next race.

Times up.

Here's the thing... I ran track in high school for the fun of it. In the 9th grade I was younger than everyone on my team. They were teasing me as I finished the race. Today the pitiful scene may have made it on YouTube. After than they affectionately nicknamed me Track Star and I loved it.

I never would have made it to the Olympics with any amount of training and dicipline. But if I was I would have been a Track Star in the 100 meter race and that is all. 

Track Star 1985-87


Today’s (optional) prompt: If you could compete in any Olympic sport or participate in the Games in any way, what would you want to do? Did you ever have Olympic goals personally?

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