The Honeymoon is over...


My husband and I didn't even speak this morning before working out. I am sure he wasn't feeling it anymore than I was. I'm the morning person, he's not. We are meeting each other half-way. I am doing the Insanity workout with him and he is getting up early to do it with me. Needless to say, we start off the mornings kind of evilish.

Today was Pure Cardio. As I rolled up from the floor to the sofa to plop into a passed out position, I said to the video, "This is really insane." To say that I am really doing the Insanity Workout is like a woman strutting around with a Coach purse that she paid $60 for in the Bahamas. 

I am doing the lite version and that's what I am going to call it for right now. Today I feel like I will never look like I am doing jumping jacks on fast-forward. In how ever many 50 something days we have left to the beach-body, I'm feeling I will still be soft without one pack to show for my hard work. If I didn't improvise at all I would have sweat myself into dehydration.

My husband is not a quitter. I will tell you that if I was doing this by myself I wouldn't have come back to it after my weekend of feeling like a train wreck. Going through the video I asked myself, "How do THEY do it?" Well I am happy to report that not everyone could continue. One lady took a sip of her water and looked at the camera like, "Don't look at me" as she took her break. 

One man sat off to the side with a, "This is insane" look on his face and others seemed to be working out at the same pace that I was. To that I said, "Thanks for keepin' it real". So instead of feeling bad about what I couldn't do, well I just didn't feel bad about what I couldn't do.

Here's the thing....I can't think any more positive than that right now. That's me keepin' it real.

~Kenya G. Johnson